I am a professional science and technology writer since 1995. Interested in biology and chemistry since childhood, I graduated from Medical University of Lodz and got a full-time job at „Gazeta Wyborcza”, the largest Polish daily. I worked also for Polish weeklies – „Przekrój” and „Wprost” – and for more than 15 years for „Focus”, the best-selling high-end popular science monthly in Poland. Currently I’m the leading editor at national-geographic.pl website. I’m also a host of an evening science and technology show „Człowiek 2.0” (Human 2.0) on TOK FM, an opinion-making news radio.

My primary areas of interest are medicine, biology, neuroscience, evolution, new technologies and the Internet (including social media). I’m good at online content management and teamworking, too.

I was one of the founders, a webmaster and a vice chairman of Polish Science Journalists’ Association Naukowi.pl (a member of EUSJA).

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